Broadcast Consultancy & Media Creation


All apps are custom build to customer specifications.


Wesp Video Compression Automator.


Panasonic P2 Media Archiver.

Services offered by Eleventy Media.

Eleventy Media offers a range of services, both in software development, as in VFX film and video.

Cross platform( Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) solutions

Eleventy Media helps Broadcasting Houses and Production facilities by designing fully customized software applications in areas including product and asset management automation, video / audio compression.

Mobile App & Web-app development

Multi-format( iOs - Android - Windows10) apps for asset and production management.

Custom hardware solutions for software applications & solutions.

Expertise in On The Spot media contribution solutions, from urban areas, to hard to reach remote locations. From Store&Forward to Live 2-way IP-satellite based communications.


Eleventy Media

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